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Get ready for tai chi’s moment in the sun


I read this interesting article: “The Tai Chi Tipping Point” by Tai Chi Master Bruce Frantzis.

The in-depth article argues that it just may be time for tai chi to “go viral,” much as yogo, aerobics, karate/kung fu and, lately Zumba have taken the fitness world by storm over the past decades.

The author says that all it would take is for one major celebrity to promote tai chi as a way of life.

With our aging culture and our current emphasis on fitness, it shouldn’t be long before tai chi does indeed go viral.

The article goes on to explain how fitness trends rise and fall. It’s an interesting read by someone who obviously knows his stuff. I highly recommend it.

Want to get in on the ground floor of the coming tai chi tsunami? Check out my Sunrise Chi DVD.

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